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Q: Who Do I contact if my motorized Interior/Exterior window covering or projection screen stops working?

A: You should first contact the retail dealer or company that installed your system. If you can’t reach the company that you purchased the product from, then contact Somfy Systems customer service department at 1-800-22-SOMFY. They can put you in touch with a local customer that can either supply product or service to you.

Q: Does Somfy manufacture and sell Interior window coverings, awnings, rolling shutters, projection screens and other home products?

A: No. Somfy designs, manufactures and distributes motors and controls that make these products move.

Q: What home products can Somfy motorize?

A: Retractable awnings, shades, blinds, draperies, rolling shutters, projection screens, garage door screens, TV lifts, other roll-up products.

Q: Does the Somfy motor look like a garage door operator?

A: No. Somfy motors are blue in color, tubular in shape and are contained within a roller tube. Fabric, or other material is affixed to the roller tube…so the motor is hidden from view.

Q: Who will do the installation?

A: Somfy’s customer base has trained retail dealers that will install motorized awnings, shades, blinds, draperies, projection screens, rolling shutters and more throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Q: Why Should I opt for motorization?

A: Just as most people today choose cars with power windows, there’s a growing trend of homeowners purchasing motorized awnings, rolling shutters, projection screens, interior blinds, shades and more. The obvious advantage is ease of use and convenience. It’s simple to press a button to extend or retract an awning or open and close interior window coverings, projection screens or exterior rolling shutters. The easier a product is to use, the more you’ll use it and the more benefits you’ll realize…Like saving time and money. With the advent of home automation, you can now press one button and all the motorized interior and exterior window coverings in your home will open or close to block the sun or allow light to enter as you wish, so you can maximize the energy saving benefits of your home products with little or no effort. Motorization enables you to easily operate hard to reach window coverings via remote control or a decorative, wireless wall switch. It also adds to the life of a window covering or projection screen because the manual pulling and tugging is eliminated and the associated wear and tear on mechanical parts goes away. What’s more, motorization provides a measure of safety to a window covering because it eliminates hanging cords or chains which are potentially dangerous to small children and pets.

Q: What control options do you have for motorized interior/exterior window coverings and projection screens?

A: Remote control, wall switch, automatic controls (timer, sun/wind sensor)…In addition, our motors and controls can be easily linked to home automation systems so you can also operate window coverings and projection screens from a display screen in conjunction with lighting, audio/visual, security and heating/air conditioning systems.

Q: Can I motorize my existing interior window coverings as well as my retractable awning and exterior rolling shutters – or do I need to replace everything?

A: As long as you’re satisfied with the design and condition of your window coverings, it’s easy for a dealer/installer to motorize them. With the advent of Radio Technology SomfyTM a local retail dealer can easily motorize a manual retractable awning or rolling shutter. That’s because Somfy motors have built-in radio receivers which allows for remote control without additional wiring. The ideal way to motorize for interior window coverings is to utilize our battery powered motors with Radio Technology Somfy controls – This requires NO wiring at all.

Q: Who do I contact or where do I go to buy motorized interior window coverings, awnings, rolling shutters, projection screens, and other lift-up home products?

A: For awnings you can go to our awning section and get a list of suppliers that have dealers in your area. For all other products you can contact Somfy customer service at 1-800-22-SOMFY or complete/submit the contact form under the Where to Buy section of this website or check your local yellow pages for dealers that sell and install these motorized home products.