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What are the advantages of Accent Awnings & Shades of Las Vegas’ shade solutions?

Most sun-control window coverings shut off your view to insulate from the sun or, like security shutters, lock you in as well as lock the sun out. Now you can keep that fabulous view that you love, watch your children and the family swimming pool or open your house or office up to the “outside” without suffering from the intensity of the heat from direct sunlight.

Sun control is easier, more aesthetic, practical and efficient than ever before. Retractable shade products, such as window awnings, interior or exterior window shades, patio covers and shades, large umbrellas or a freestanding shade structure offer these advantages:

  • Easier – Operate with manual cranks or motors, or automated with sun and wind sensors – even remote controls for special installations.
  • Aesthetic – Awnings – are made right here in Las Vegas of Sunbrella acrylic awning fabric. Sunbrella cleans easily, won’t mildew and carries a 5-year warranty. Sunbrella woven acrylic awning and upholstery fabrics are unsurpassed in quality and designer colors.
  • Practical – All types of shading provides cost savings, whether an awning, shade or patio cover. Removing the direct sun means comfort and dollars saved in air conditioning. Retractable products, when not extended in the winter or on cloudy days, will allow the sun’s natural warmth to be utilized.
  • Efficient – View is an important requirement, whether for safety, such as watching the backyard pool or just enjoying the morning and evening views of the valley or the height of our surrounding mountains. See-through insulating shades and retractable awnings allow the choice to be totally yours. Shade when you want it, gone when you don’t!